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The new Georgia Youth-Concussion law, signed by Gov. Nathan Deal on April 22, 2013, requires parents to sign a concussion-information form before their child can participate in sports. Any student-athlete suspected of a concussion while playing sports must be immediately removed from practice or a competition; and any student-athlete who sustains a concussion must obtain medical clearance from a health-care provider before returning.

Please download and print two copies of the Concussion Form (click on download link below). One signed copy must be turned in to your student's coach and/or the athletic office at Brookwood High School and one copy is for your records.

We are required to have this form signed each school year.


Check out where to purchase school insurance for your student athlete.


Our mission is to take student athletes where they cannot go themselves and to foster an environment that teaches young people to:

1. Build a foundation of academic success.
2. Build a foundation of leadership.
3. Pursue the state championship!

Our mission is based on family values, positive attitudes and team chemistry.

WE BELIEVE IN - Honesty, integrity, character, concern and confidence.

WE EMBRACE A COMMITMENT TO - Excellence, loyalty, selflessness, trust,
and humility.

WE TEACH - Establishing priorities, setting goals, overcoming adversity,
and cultural diversity.

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